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You have now been introduced to the Chorus!

One more example of cutting edge technology brought to you
by a company that knows sound and has been on the forefront over 30 years.

Cabinet Transmission Line
Tweeter Uni-Drive
speaker system
Frequency Range 39 Hz - 20,000 Hz ±3dB
Sensitivity 89.5 dB
Power handling 120 watts RMS
Impedance 6 O
Crossover 12dB network
Cabinet Weight 17 lbs each
Cabinet Size Depth  - 11"
Width  - 11"
Height - 11"
Cabinet Finish Black Woodgrain, Cherry
The Chorus is a tiny floor-standing cube that is smaller than one cubic foot.  Despite the small stature, the speaker has tremendous sound with detail, wide image and great depth.  The accuracy of the Chorus brings out the natural ambiance of the recording.  As you sit down, relax and let your eyes close you think what you hear is real.

Morel USA has designed a new revolutionary concept called AEI (Acoustic Energy Impact) and the Chorus is the first speaker to utilize it.  Using a special single 7" Uni-Drive speaker, a complex internal design and smart crossover makes it perfect for every room. The versatility and small size of the Chorus is not going to alter the décor of your room.  They can be placed anywhere without sacrificing any sound quality.  The Chorus way of listening to music will revolutionize future speaker designs.

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